Orphanage Mission Squad


This squad majors on reaching out to orphans, at every opportunity at our disposal. This includes taking care of orphans around us and visiting those living in orphanages, and we will ultimately graduate into having many Ecclesia orphanages.

The activities of the squad at any visit to orphanages includes, but not limited to the following;

  • Meeting their basic necessities of shelter, feeding and clothing. We will have to visit them with food stuffs, provisions, clothing materials and other related materials.
  • Cleaning the orphanage home and the environment.
  • Bathing of the children, washing their clothes, doing their dishes, making and barbing their hairs, mending their clothes and shoes, etc.
  • Playing with the children in a fun time and showing them love.
  • Helping the children with their academic work and other needs
  • Paying the children’s school fees and being part of other projects going on

Meeting other needs that may be peculiar to the place of visit.

We need your support

Your care will go a long way in helping the orphans