We give God thanks for a successful outreach to the Internally Displaced People’s Camp, Durumi, Abuja. This Camp in particular was established in 2014 and has a population estimated to over 2,000 persons. The camp consists of people from Borno, Adamawa and Yobe states which are major victims of the recent Insurgent attacks in the country.


The Ecclesia Embassy set out to meet various needs within the community; bringing Medical outreaches as well as Healing and Deliverance sessions to the Camp. Clothing materials and footwears were provided for the kids within the community.

The high point if our visits were the expression of heartfelt joy revealed on the happy faces of the inhabitants of the community. They in turn expressed their gratitude for what God had done in their midst through this Movement.


These are but a few of the testimonies and healings that took place:

  1. Tami Joy could not see with her left eye. According to her, it was as though there was sand in her eye, But immediately the Lead Brother placed his hand on it her sight was completely restored; she could see perfectly.
  1. Naomi Sule has had partial paralysis for a long time due to strenuous farm activities, along with many joint aches, to the point that she couldn’t walk up straight. But when she was prayed for; she got healed. By the next day, when the Team saw her, all the pains from her head to the soles of her feet had disappeared. Naomi Sule was the Samaritan woman who went to tell others what Jesus had done in her life.
  2. Favor Isa has had a chronic stomach ache for a seemingly endless period of five years. She was prayed for and the pains disappeared immediately.
  3. For Deborah Daniels who could not see clearly due to an eye defect, she received miraculous healing as she was prayed for. It was confirmed upon the examination of the Team that she could see crystal clear.
  4. Esther Tawnko’s right hand has had severe pains prior to our visit. This pains led to her inability to even lift up her hand. But after she was prayed for, she could raise her right hand without the excruciating pains that would always persist.


We had people set free from the bondage of depression, the chains of fear broken, burdens lifted, and lives transformed.

We would also use this opportunity to thank everyone who made their cars available for picking others to and fro the camp on both days, those who came in after a long day’s work to be part of this great outing as well as everyone who was part of this in one way or another, financially, in prayers and being physically present to put ravishing smiles on all faces. God bless you richly and cause the seeds you have sown to abound many times over.

Community Development Outreach

OUTREACH (Thursday, 24 January 2019)

Praise be to God for giving us the platform and opportunity to reach out to the world through missions. We also thank the Leadership for the support given to the field and missions team all through this outreach.

The Ecclesia Embassy embarked on an outreach to Burum Kachina Community on Thursday, 31 January 2019. It was a refreshing time as we were used by God to provide for some of the most pressing needs of the community: including a 1.5HP water pump and 6.5HP generator set for their water supply, twenty sets of 3-seatter school desks were also provided for the community school.

Drugs were also given to the community under the care of the community leaders and the health personnel to be dispensed for free, as the needs arise. We were also joined by an NGO which provided free medical checks for the people of the community.



The borehole project involved replacing the previous 0.5HP water pump (which did not belong to the community), to a pump with 3 times its capacity (1.5HP), producing a greater speed in water pumping. Furthermore a suitable power generator set was purchased and presented to the community and installed immediately to pump water.

The effect of work on this borehole saves a good number of the Gbagyi people of Burum community from dependence on a very unhygienic stream as their source of water. Thanks be to God!!



The staff and students of the Primary and Secondary school waited after school hours to show their appreciation as God used The Ecclesia Embassy to provide desks that would sit about 60 of its over 300 students. Some of these students have had to sit on the floor in their classes.



The community also received basic drugs, which ware placed under the care of the leadership to be prescribed by the health centre personnel. These drugs will be dispensed for free as needed and will go a long way in tackling some health matters of those who cannot afford to purchase these drugs.