Primary and Secondary Schools Mission Squad


This squad is essentially committed to reaching out to children and teenagers in primary and secondary schools. Individuals in this squad are people with passion for children and teenagers. The activities here include;

  • Visiting various Nursery, primary and Secondary schools, to delineate their needs and see the possible means of being a blessing to them.
  • We will initiate life transforming programs that will both educate and improve their lives. These programs may either be on health, pre-marital sex and other exciting and educative topics.
  • At locations where it is needed, we will provide educational materials that will aid their learning. These may include writing materials, textbooks, mathematical sets, etc.
  • We will organize tutorials and extra moral classes free of charge for the children, to help them in external examinations such as common entrance, junior WAEC, SSCE, Jamb, etc.
  • We will also embark on support projects such as building and stocking of libraries, painting of schools, paying of school fees, and other needs that may be peculiar to specific locations of visit.

We need your support

Your donation will go a long way in advancing our cause.