Prison (Free and Changed Men) Mission Squad


This mission squad is essentially concerned with prisoners. We will be involved in visiting prisons at different locations, to be a blessing to them. This includes going along with;

  • Bibles and Gospel tracts with the message of hope and love to be given to the inmates.
  • Their basic necessities such as toiletries, slippers, provisions, food items and other materials that will be permitted at the particular location.
  • Clippers, sewing machine and other equipment that will help them in their skill acquisition endeavors.
  • Also being a part of ongoing projects or initiating projects that will be needed at each prison.
  • Provision of medical attention to inmates
  • Making financial aid available for inmates that are on trial, and yet to be bailed due to financial constraint.
  • Empowerment of bailed out inmates with housing and business/job assistance
  • Legal backing for the inmates

We need your support

Your donation will go a long way in helping those unjustly put in the prison.